Strong Minds. Passionate Hearts.

Partners & Hawes

We’re a brand engagement agency with clients across Canada, the US and Asia. Our model is comprised of senior brain-trusts, built for the challenge at hand and in the best interests of our clients. This is why in our name, Partners comes first.

We were founded in 2011 ahead of the curve of the agency fragmentation you see today. It’s true we compete with people in their basements all the way swinging against the largest agencies in the country. To us, it’s not whether you’re large or small but rather, who is doing the work.

Let’s be frank. No matter how an agency is positioned or what their proprietary process is, at the end of the day, it’s the people that you’re investing in.

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We’re ambitious,
but motivated differently

Yes, that’s right. A few decades in this business and it’s become an intentional practice to say no to what everyone else says yes to. Having been a slave to headcount and overhead in our previous posts, we value our freedom way more.

A freedom that enables us to set our financial targets so every penny can go into the work giving our clients unheard of value and our team deep satisfaction.

This is why we work as a collective head-quartering when we need to from a few shared office spaces. Why we buy retail from the best talent in this business. Why we have become masters at collaboration and team building. Why we put everything we’ve got into our client’s success.

How can we do this?

One, we’re independent and call our own shots. Two, we don’t pitch business. Or rarely, very rarely pitch business.

All of our work comes from referrals. The time and effort that would typically go into pitching, gets invested back into our client’s work. We think if you do great work, others will do the work of getting new business for you.

This is why in the context of everything, we value relationships above all else. Our goal is to do the most amazing work possible with the people we love for the best possible people. Life is short and we have clarity on why we’re here. We exist because we love what we do and are hell-bent on making the most of it.