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Taya Puiu hello@partnersandhawes.com

300 – 225 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5Y 1N3 Canada 2967 McCulloch Road, Kelowna BC V1W 4A5 Canada

breeds life.

Divergence creates. Opposites attract, and when they come together, sparks fly. The following declarations guide how we cultivate leaders, build our teams and create a company and community of partners that fully represents many different cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints necessary to create and thrive.

Diversity & Inclusion at Partners & Hawes

We are diverse by nature and inclusive by choice

We value individual thought and expression

We witness on the daily that a great idea can come from anyone

We believe that breakthroughs happen when people from all walks of life come together and layer perspectives on perspectives, ideas on ideas.

We stand with BIPOC People, 2SLGBTQ+ People, and Women in the fight for freedom, liberation and justice.

We strive for equality by looking inward at our hiring practices, workplace policies, education, approach to marketing, and culture.

We pursue working with people and businesses actively engaged in anti-racism and committed to creating safe and inclusive environments for BIPOC People, 2SLGBTQ+ People, and Women.

We welcome discomfort and conflict necessary for growth while being compassionate with ourselves and others.

We champion a culture where everyone deserves to feel safe, invincible and equipped to thrive.

We recognize we have a wide sphere of influence over our clients business, within the communities we serve and are committed to using these platforms to actively seek equity and justice.

We donate 5% of our annual revenues towards projects for BIPOC, 2SLGBTQ+, Women and the underserved and have since inception almost 10 years ago.

Partners & Hawes is a 100% female owned corporation led by Taya Puiu, a woman of Indigenous race and colour who is driven by creating opportunities for others.