UFV Graphic & Digital Design

UFV Graphic & Digital Design

Scope: Brand Strategy, Narrative, Visual Language, Social Playbook, Blog Design, Collateral

We don’t push boundaries, we cross them. We straddle them and blur them. We reach out and make connections. We bleed one silo into another, creating new colours, patterns and pathways. Diversity breeds life. Diversity is strength and creativity. Through diversity, we design new systems and build opportunity. Iteration, interaction, interconnection: we layer perspective on perspective, background and experience. Ideas give birth to ideas.

In a changing world, there is no fixed pattern, no one-size-fits-all. Every day, the map is redrawn, the shape shifts and pathways reorganize. That’s why we stay curious and think openly. Our ideas evolve to capture possibility and ride the wave of opportunity. We’re resourceful, nimble and agile: always iterating, always generating, always becoming. Every interaction brings a new dimension.

We’re community builders and collaborators, like-minded in our celebration of difference. We’re driven by empathy, thinking independently but together. We’re right brain and left brain, theory and practice, both academic and “real world”. We’re focused and expansive, singular and comprehensive. Individual meets society meets culture meets commerce meets environment. Divergence creates. Opposites attract, and when they come together, sparks fly.

This is Idea Collision.